The Studio

The oldest operating recording studio in Philadelphia, Third Story Recording is located in the old Rambler car factory on 52nd and Walnut. Third Story is known among musicians for its "Big Sound". Scott Herzog, Indie Record Producer and Engineer, will make you sound your best!
Outboard Gear
  • Protools HD System

  • Logic Pro & Ableton Live

  • Ampex & Otari MX80 24 Analogue

  • 8 track reel to reel Analogue 

  • 2 track reel to reel Decks

Neve and Yamaha O2R96 Consoles

Professional Focusrite Mic preamps

  • Multiple microphones from manufactures such as Neumann, AKG, Senheiser, Shure, Electro-Voice, etc

  • Lexicon PCM 70 Digital Effects Processors

  • DeltaLab Echotron ADM 4096 Digital Delay Loop

  • Klark Teknik, Ashley and DBX Processors

  • Urei 1176 Limiter/Compressors

  • Arsonic and Joe Meek Processors

  • Many Various Vintage Effects Units

  • Westlake, Yamaha NS 10 & KRK Monitors

Mixers/Mic Pres
  • Fender Rhodes Piano and Pedal Steel

  • Baby Grand Piano & Weighted Key Midi Piano

  • Hammond Organ

  • Various Guitar Amplifiers on site along with a Yamaha Drum Kit