Some of the many artists produced and recorded at Third Story 

The Temptations, Tower Of Power, Lonnie Shields Band, Jesse Loewy, Fall Out Boy, Tori Amos, Paula Cole, Planet 10, Julian Lennon, Patrick Stump, Zen Guerrilla, Patti Labelle, The Disco Biscuits, The Benders, The Dead Milkmen, Garfield Fleming, The Colonizers, Alternative Tentacles Records, Pink Slip Daddy, Schoolly D, Ben Vaughn, Sylk 130, Swizz Beats, The Blood Oranges, Kenn Kweder, King Britt, PNB, RAM Squad, L.A.W., MC Breeze, DJ Bones, The Bogmen, The Rolling Hayseeds, Bunnydrums, Bill Haley Jr. & The Comets, Patti Shea, Ozzie Jones, The Frampton Bros., Off The Beat, Pablo Fakourie, Moses Livingston, Fathead, PM and The New Breed, MC Malika Love, Donna Lewis, Mondo Topless, DJ Rob Paine, Transfactor, Grandmaster Flash, The Wishniaks, EDO, Planet 10, Plastron, Women Of Praise, MC Robbie B, Dumptruck, Skyler King, Ruder Than You, Full Measure, Go To Blazes, Chubby Checker, Quaker Notes, Broken Prayers, The Friggs, The Stickmen, Nightowls, Aron Williams, The Elgins, Grover Washington, Jr., Subpop Records, James Klueh, Will Brock, Go To Blazes, Ritual Records, Milkglass, Discord, Monette Sudler, Flight Of Mavis, The Idlewilds, The Four Tops, Betty Whitetrash, The Psyclone Rangers, Lenny & The Soulsenders, SickKidz, Decontrol, Dexter Wansel, Yellowman, EarthRise, Jamie O'Donnell, Headcheese,Saving Thomas, Deadspot, Starr Cullers and The Enterprise, Sahanghee, Atlantic Records, Columbia Records, WKDU Radio, WIP Sports Radio, James Klueh, The Nodd, The Cobalt Blues Band, MC Breeze, Pearl Marley, Hot House Trio, DJ Mizz, Sony Records, The Chesterfields, Brant Buckley, Jack Stanton, Little Death, Matt Wannamaker, Liam Kirby, L.A.W., Haverford Schords, Orinary People, Fuck Bomb, Lexi Todd, Philly Fusion Project, Morris Kennedy

And Many More...