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Third Story Recording




We Record, Mix, Master and do  Production in all musical styles & genres for over 40 Years.

 Music Video and Post Production.

Make a video or we can stream your session to your web site.

We are a State of the Art Studio and you will get the sound of a Major Release.

The Studio

The Oldest Operating Recording Studio in Philadelphia, located in the old Rambler car factory on 52nd and Walnut. Third Story is known among musicians for its "Big Sound". Third Story's Record Producers & Engineers, will make you sound your best!


TSR-Philly Funk Project.JPG
Philly Fusion Project

A Fusion of Funk Rock Hip Hop & Jazz-"Funk with vocals and rhymes by Renaissance and Friends-Amazing Gooves" Musician Magazine

5120 Walnut St.

Philadelphia PA

Tel: 1-215-747-1200

Hours are flexible, please call to make an appointment. 

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